Sick of Soy? Give Goat Milk Another Try


No longer banished to the back corner of a supermarket, alternative foods have become so common they’re now basically one of the crowd.

There are options at the ready wherever an ever-growing group of intolerant and allergic folk looks. Gluten free pasta, vegan cheese, dairy free ice cream, sugar free cake: the sky’s the limit.

And the best thing is, most of it tastes good. Taste and texture can’t be compromised when you’re competing against many, many others.

Goat milk is an excellent example.

Once a weird, oddly tangy and odorous liquid kept in unappealing packaging and only available in health food stores, goat milk has taken on a new, delicious life.

Robur Farm Dairy has shown just how far things have travelled: based in Tasmania’s lush north-west, they’re offering a fantastic range, from fetta to flavoured chevre, to milk that’s mild and a great substitute for the conventional.

The range is versatile, intriguing and for some, a gentle alternative to the richness of cow’s milk. The milk can be enjoyed over cereal or mixed through soups or custard: you won’t notice a startling difference, but your tummy might.

Alternative dairy products may be better tolerated

Accredited Practicing Dietitian Georgia Rossetto owns Launceston Dietetics and specialises in helping people with food allergies and intolerances. She suggests giving goat a go.“Alternative dairy products give us more options and some people find alternative dairy products can be better tolerated.

“When we try new and different products we do it mindfully. It’s a great way to learn about the flavour and texture of products and make us more appreciative of our food.

“The greater number of different products we have in our diet means we get more variety and this increases your chances of your diet being nutritionally adequate.”

Robur Farm Dairy is one of countless local operations making or growing – or doing both – premium produce in beautiful Tasmania. We don’t have to wait long for them either: the mantra of paddock to plate is strong in Tasmania, which Georgia says pays off in more ways than you might expect.

“Buying local wherever you can is always the best way to go. It’s better for the environment, better for the products as they are fresher and retain more nutrients and better for us.

“Buying local gives you a greater sense of appreciation of your food and where it comes from. We have incredible world-class produce and products here in Tassie and we should all be making the most of them.”

Indeed we should.