Four generations of Nichols Poultry farming

Meet Tristan Nichols, Agricultural Manager at Nichols Poultry. Alongside his uncle, Nichols Poultry founder, Rob Nichols, Tristan established Nichols Ethical Free Range Chicken at Sassafras Tasmania in 2017, and observes during winter his free range chickens actually prefer the cooler seasons and will range in the field for longer. Nichols Ethical Free Range Chickens have access to range 24 hours a day and are managed in small flocks, fed Tasmanian grain and whatever they can forage in the field.

“The birds prefer this weather, the like not having high intensity sunlight during the winter. And we don’t have foxes,” said Nichols.

Tristan is a proud fourth generation poultry farmer and is committed to leading the best practices in animal welfare, overseeing both Pasture Raised on Open Fields (PROOF) accreditation for Nichols Ethical Free Range Chickens, and RSPCA Approved accreditation for Nichols Poultry barn raised chickens. Tristan’s wish is to see Nichols Ethical Free Range Chicken demand increase across Tasmania and Victoria, as a superior choice of free range chicken meat in Australia for both animal husbandry and cooking performance in the kitchen.

“The Nichols family have been involved in poultry for 102 years. In 1916 my great grandfather started back in the United Kingdom,” Nichols added.

“I’m interested in the science involved in poultry, we’re still very small in the scheme of things, focusing on high quality.”

Nichols Poultry is available across Tasmania at Coles, butchers and independent grocers. For interstate stockists, visit The Tasmanian Food Co stockist page.