Global Food Trends 2019

Kerry Group, a world leader in the global food industry, has released its’ 2019 Global Taste Trends report. Across the food industry, fun flavours encouraging experimental cooking are steadily gaining more mainstream focus.

But where to begin? Kerry has identified six key food trends, all of which inspire experimentation and challenge the traditional “rules” associated with cooking certain things. Below we have broken down these trends and suggested some starting points for including 2019’s most popular food trends in your cooking.

Floral Fascination

“Delicate and elegant florals, harvested from gardens around the world, are bringing fresh new tastes to food and beverages. With vibrant colors and playful appeal, floral trends evoke Instagrammable visuals as well as healthy halos to support wellbeing and beauty trends.”

June through to September is flower season at Shima Wasabi. These delicate white flowers bloom just as the cold settles into Tasmania in late May and they last through to mid-late spring. They offer a sweet, peppery flavour and a pop of pure white colour to an assortment of dishes. Previously, these flowers have been a secret that only some of Australia’s top chefs have known about.  But these unique garnishes have been appearing on more and more winter menus, as chefs are seeking winter specific florals to take their culinary presentation to the next level. Wasabi flowers are easily accessible as they are available at major fruit and vegetable markets around Australia. They are also now available online.

Challenging Heat Levels

“Adventurous consumers worldwide are embracing chillies and spices – searching for more intense heat experiences, regional authenticity and experimentation with spicy ingredients.”

How hot is real wasabi? Anyone who has tried fresh wasabi will tell you that it is a different kind of heat. The heat in chilli and the “wasabi” that is served in most sushi restaurants are much more intense because the flavour profile is predominately horseradish. Fresh wasabi is a unique experience that is powerfully hot, sweet and fragrant. The heat of real wasabi is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when the cell walls of the plant are damaged by grating. It takes 3-5 minutes for this reaction to occur and for the heat and flavour to fully build. After 30 minutes the reaction has finished, and the flavour dissipates. The intense yet volatile nature of fresh wasabi makes it a revered ritual in Japanese culture and one that is growing in interest in Australia. As the only commercial grower of wasabi in Australia, Shima Wasabi can deliver fresh wasabi to your door. Order online here.

Eat Yourself Well

“Functionality is on the rise, with consumers looking to food and beverage to fuel their day, boost their mood, and supplement their health routines. As a result, the consumer-perceived gap between food, supplements, and medicine continues to narrow.”

We have experienced a groundswell of interest in Pyengana Dairy Cow’s Milk Kefir and Robur Farm Goat Milk Kefir since launching the products in 2018. Kefir contains beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeasts which are beneficial to good gut health and support digestion. Particularly in these winter months, kefir is an easy and delicious way to support your immune system through maintaining good gut health. Click here if you would like more information on the benefits of our kefir.


“From as far back as 7000BC people have been fermenting foods and drinks. This traditional method has created much-loved taste experiences from sourdough and parmesan to wine and kombucha. New twists on fermented foods are delivering benefits such as improved gut health and enhanced umami and kokumi notes.”

Fermentation is central to the creation of many products in The Tasmanian Food Co.  range. From the Kefir mentioned above to Meander Valley Dairy ’s Cultured Butters and authentic Buttermilk, to Pyengana’s  Traditional Handcrafted Clothbound Cheddar. These dairy based products use authentic handcrafted processes which in turn result in natural, good-for-you health benefits. Order online today.

Cheers to Cocktails

“Bringing new taste experiences through the drama and inventiveness of the mixology world, alcohol inspired flavours are evolving to new categories across beverage and beyond.”

Cocktails have not been a key feature of the Tasmania Food Co range, but we have recently had some inspiration working with innovative partners in the mixology sphere. We have seen some wonderful cocktail creations using wasabi elevate the luxury and enhance the overall drinking experience. In 2018, Vini Wang from Hains & Co used Shima Wasabi in the global Bacardi Legacy competition. In 2019, Shima Wasabi powder will be featured in a Bloody Mary Cocktail that is launching with leading Australian brand, Rosella.

Black & Burnt

“The evolution of flavours that reflect cooking processes continues, as profiles such as charred, burnt, smoked, caramelized and blackened are brought into non-traditional ingredients and products for complex taste sensations and visual impact.”

With such incredible produce available in Tasmania, it is no surprise that hospitality influencers are experimenting with a variety of cooking techniques to get unique flavours in their dishes. Harlequin Kitchen cooked our Nichols Ethical Free Range Chickens on the open fires at the Taste of Tasmania over the new year period and we will have Matt Adams from Timbre cooking on the open flame to infuse some smoking flavours at Junction in Launceston in September. The open fire gives the chicken a natural smokey flavour and crisps up the skin whilst the meat stays juicy and tender as a result of the air chilled processing. We are also seeing a growth in customers looking to create these sorts of experiences at home with the Nichols Kitchen range of Marinated Butterflied Chickens and BBQ steaks, which are perfect for cooking on the BBQ on the open flame.

Which of these trends was your favourite?

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