The finest kitchen accessories

Quality produce deserves quality kitchenware to help make it sing. The right tools can make all the difference in the kitchen, saving time and easing the demands of preparation and serving.

The Tasmanian Food Co has gathered together an excellent collection of the finest kitchen accessories to help you prepare our range of quality Tasmanian produce. Choose from high quality cookware and kitchen accessories, all from trusted manufacturers and made to perform perfectly time after time.

Just as all of our food products are carefully raised and produced, our kitchen accessories are made with the utmost care, ensuring quality at every step of the way so that you use only the best. Take our Tsuboe graters, for instance. These beautiful graters are made by Japanese craftsmen from copper and nickel, making them extremely versatile and durable, and they are perfect for grating fresh Shima wasabi.

Quality kitchen implements like these make an essential contribution to the overall quality and presentation of your meals.

Whether you’re purchasing an accessory for a particular food item or cooking night, or you’re looking for a gift any foodie or home chef will love, our range of quality kitchen accessories will you have what you’re looking for.

We stock only the finest quality kitchen ustensils and accessories. Shop online at The Tasmanian Food Co and use these to prepare and enjoy your traditional Tasmanian produce at its natural best.

"The product aligns just perfectly with Tasmania's clean, natural ethically grown produce with enormous integrity that beautifully captures Tasmania's story."

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister of Primary Industries, on Nichols Ethical Free Range.

"It's blown me away. Small volumes of birds with 24 hours access to range. If I was a chicken in Tasmania, I'd want to be on a Nichols farm."

Rob Caldecott, 2016 UK Poultry Farmer of the Year on Nichols Ethical Free Range.

"Meander Valley Dairy clotted cream is top notch & would be an authentic complement back in Cornwall or Devon to the perfect cream tea. Please try it if you've never tasted clotted cream with strawberries, on trifle, with ice cream, on scones with homemade preserves, or with any favourite sweet treat."

Virginia Beers, on Facebook about our Meander Valley Dairy Clotted Cream.

"Wow, purchased your Nichols Ethical Free Range chicken today in our local IGA grocery at Cygnet. Super impressed, got home and watched your video. Increasingly, I have been challenged with how the meat our family eat is treated and your product have made me feel good about the purchase and will definitely buy again. Thanks for taking these steps. I appreciate as a business it can be a leap of faith, you are doing an amazing thing! So a big thank you from the Little family."

K. Little.

"Dear Meander Valley,Just a quick email to say that you have made two Devonian girls in Perth WA very happy with your clotted cream! We have tried scones on numerous occasions and they just aren't the same without the right cream... We found your product after being told about it by a friend and are now sat enjoying scones with proper cream!  Thank you again."

Robyn and Hollie!

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