Cream and Butter

The best creams and butters money can buy

Whether you’re seeking a daily indulgence or spoiling your friends with a little home entertaining, Meander Valley Dairy products are an elegant inclusion with superior taste.

Meander Valley Dairy is committed to creating delicious cream and dairy products in a traditional way. Some of the tasty options they offer include:

  • Traditional Buttermilk, a wholesome and healthy option on its own or to enrich recipes such as pancakes or scones
  • Double Cream, naturally thick with a rich creamy flavour and silky smooth textures that melt in your mouth
  • Clotted Cream, with the perfect balance of textures and a sweet, rich flavour
  • Creme Fraiche, a luxurious, smooth and creamy product with a magnificent tangy flavour and delicate finish
  • Salted & Unsalted Butter, creamy French-style butter with a rich and delicate flavour.


Meander Valley Dairy products are a touch of luxury developed with the finest craftsmanship. Their focus is on producing high quality, small batch products such as cultured butters using traditional French methods; the richest, most luxurious double cream; and a traditional clotted cream inspired by the Devonshire tea heritage of Devon and Cornwall.

The Meander Valley belief that the simple things in life bring the most pleasure is applied to their cream, which they allow to ‘sing’ with little intervention, apart from a carefully-crafted application of temperature and time.

Along with simplicity, their cream is produced in an increasingly ethical and sustainable manner, as they work to improve their carbon footprint and ensure their products are not only delicious, but environmentally responsible as well.

The superior taste of Meander Valley Dairy products is recognised time and again at awards across Australia. Shop for these products online from The Tasmanian Food Co and enjoy traditional dairy at its natural best.

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