The Tasmanian Food Conversation: Crossfire Kitchen

The Tasmanian Food Co. is proud to present Crossfire Kitchen, a theatrical culinary experience in downtown Launceston during Junction Arts Festival 2019.

Junction Arts Festival is an arts and culture festival held annually in Prince’s Square, Launceston.  The 2019 program features something for everyone, from cabaret to architecture to Crossfire Kitchen, presented by The Tasmanian Food Co. in collaboration with Timbre Kitchen.

We sat down with Matt Adams (owner and head chef of Timbre Kitchen) to talk more about Crossfire Kitchen, and what you can expect when you attend Junction 4 – 8 September 2019.

Matt Adams (owner and head chef of Timbre Kitchen) 📸 by Sean Robson

Matt has ample experience using The Tasmanian Food Co. products both in Timbre Kitchen and at events. Matt demonstrated how to make Crispy Skin Chicken with Seasonal Accompaniments and a Goat’s Milk Dressing at The Tasmanian Food Co.’s Cooking in the Park demonstrations during Festivale 2019.

Crossfire Kitchen is going to be the ultimate fountain-side festival feast, which will elevate the culinary experience in Prince’s Square during Junction Arts Festival. “Crossfire Kitchen is going to add a lot more theatre to the park,” says Matt. “The fact we will have charcoaled barbeques, it will be very visible with the Nichols chicken cooking over the fire and charcoal. People can actually watch their food being cooked, instead of it happening at the back of a tent.”

This campfire style is the perfect medium for Matt to communicate his passion of cooking to Junction 2020 attendees – Matt loves to incorporate fire and smoke into his cooking. “It’s real, and it’s primal, and it’s way more fun. When you’re cooking over coals it’s more about controlling the fire than cooking the food. So the food stays simplified. And the flavour profile is amazing, I love that taste of smoke.”

But for Matt, the most exciting part about Crossfire Kitchen is the collaboration. “That’s what I love about Junction. That’s what I like about this. I’m collaborating with Junction, and together we are collaborating with The Tasmanian Food Co., then we are also collaborating with other well-known Tasmanian chefs.”

The main point of this collaboration is to have fun with Tasmanian food and create a unique, entertaining experience.  “We are looking forward to including some products that other people might not know much about, like the kabu.” Kabu is a baby Japanese turnip sold by Shima Wasabi. It is perfect for pickling and provides a unique Japanese flavour will no doubt add a fun twist to the dishes.

“Crossfire Kitchen is going to be fun,” Matt finishes. “It will be great for people to see and experience that campfire style food in the park. There will be campfire foods like spuds in their jackets with Meander Valley Dairy sour cream.” Meander Valley Dairy Sour Cream is an acidic cream with less fat than crème fraiche. It is a wholesome choice for Matt’s cooking as it is free from thickeners and preservatives, unlike other sour creams.

Crossfire Kitchen is the perfect chance to get a group of friends together, order some delicious Tasmanian food and watch it cook over fire and smoke right before your very eyes. Create some life lasting memories at Junction Arts Festival 2019. You can view Junction’s program here.

If you can’t wait until Junction to experience Matt’s incredible cooking, follow Timbre Kitchen on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with current events and new dishes on their ever-changing, ultra local menu. if you can’t attend Crossfire Kitchen, you can create your own festival experience at home by buying our products online.